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Default Windows Vista help PLEASE desperate!!!

I was trying to clip pictures to microsoft onenote and i pressed the link for the picture and for some reason the link opened up 1000000000000 times and i couldnt stop them from opening so i panicked and turned my computer off by pressing and holding the button ( i know, bad). when i logged back on, my computer wouldnt let me open One note , i tried system restore and it wouldnt let me do that either it says:

Windows has detected file system corruption on OS(C you must check the disk for error before you can restore.

I press check disk for errors then it says it cant check while its in use.
it says to schedule a disk check for when my comp starts up again and when i restarted it didnt do it. Im so stuck, i just got this computer and its already ruined!

PLEASE HELP ME, Ask if further details are needed!


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