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Originally Posted by zeker5 View Post
I used to have (well still do), an older copy of Partition Magic (ver.3 I think it is). It had a way to go in from a boot, instead of having to be run in windows if I remember right. I guess it had a DOS version built in or something.

Anyway, my question is. Is there any partition manager software out there that works from a CD boot, with all the needed files contained on the CD, that (and here's the kicker ) is Open Source? I've been looking but can't find a lot of documentation that would suggest the program can do this. I'd like to be able to do this without actually having to install the software.

What I'm trying to do, is create another partition on an existing NTFS drive. I have Windows 2000 installed right now, and would like to add XP Home as a second boot without them both being on the C: drive. I want to divide the drive in half basically ending up with C: and D: drives.

Any suggestions on Open Source partition managers?
GParted is a open source programme, itis a live linux cd and it partitions in all formats.

Get it from here... GParted -- LiveCD

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