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Originally Posted by b1caez01 View Post
The NTBackup does not work all the time on my system. I went months without it working, then suddenly I was back in business. It's a Pro feature anyway, isn't it, and I have he Home Ed. What's the point of using it if it does not return your system state to "as was."

As to where I got the note...from a site that sounded as confident as you sound. You'll have to agree to disagree with them.

Tone down your "attitude" ...I'm not the enemy here. Life's too laughable to be so serious...hee-haw!!!

One can only follow proper proceedures, if the mechanics are there to be used. For whatever reason, I cannot partition my hard drive nor re-instate a full registry...and have not been able to do either for the three years that I have had this newer system [built for me on spec.]

Extensive research on the net has not turned up any solution.

P/S...I have 17 years experience with computers, software tester, and beta tester...but then, you probably carved your own computer out of wood , so what do I know?
My attitude is in line with your asked for help on the subject and I gave you the correct answer but that didn't go with your thinking so you start making it sound as I am the one that is wrong...The correct method of doing a full back-up of the registry is as noted from the microsoft use system restore....there is no other method that is dependable for full restoration of a back-up registry.

The only reason that you have not been able to do the things that you are wanting to do is that you don't have the knowledge to do it and are too damn hardheaded to read and learn the PROPER PROCEEDURE for doing it.
There are simple rules that have to be observed but you seem to think that your 17 years of experience allows you to by-pass those simple rules of proceedure. You are only willing to see what you want to see and not the truth of what is/needs to be done.

Research is what is needed to find the truth about something or to find the solution to the is not a thing to put in a few words of the question and get no answers then rewrite the question and look again...but that again goes to the bit about you only wanting to see what you want to be there and not the answer itself.

I find it most extremely hard to fathom your beta testing software for 17 years and can't pick up the simplest rules of how to use the search engines properly or to even corespond in a proper manner to a design tech as to what the problem is...or why something don't or can't work the way you want it to.....

Simple google search for " restoring registry backup" brings up 233,000 possible answer and the first ones are generally the most popular answer...just a short bit of reading and one is told what to do to back-up the registry and how to restore it and guess wht...Microsoft's answer is the number 2 on the list. Now that is a simple search with the correct answer in plain site....what was so hard about that?

Maybe "How to use NTBACKUP.EXE" should have been the next logical number one answer of 18,400 and it is from the people that designed the and it tells you the same exact thing I did in this thread!...
Imagine that!

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