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Default Not always...

The NTBackup does not work all the time on my system. I went months without it working, then suddenly I was back in business. It's a Pro feature anyway, isn't it, and I have he Home Ed. What's the point of using it if it does not return your system state to "as was."

As to where I got the note...from a site that sounded as confident as you sound. You'll have to agree to disagree with them.

Tone down your "attitude" ...I'm not the enemy here. Life's too laughable to be so serious...hee-haw!!!

One can only follow proper proceedures, if the mechanics are there to be used. For whatever reason, I cannot partition my hard drive nor re-instate a full registry...and have not been able to do either for the three years that I have had this newer system [built for me on spec.]

Extensive research on the net has not turned up any solution.

P/S...I have 17 years experience with computers, software tester, and beta tester...but then, you probably carved your own computer out of wood , so what do I know?

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