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World Ad-Aware Problem...

Okay, I recently downloaded Ad-Aware 2008, upgrading it from Ad-Aware 2007, hoping that this would quit, but it unfortunately is a recurring problem...

Alrighty, when I open up Ad-Aware, it will start just fine, and when it occasionally needs to update, it will do so just fine. However, about 70% of the time, it will not begin scanning the computer in any of the 3 modes, and will tell me that something is already using Ad-Aware's system. The only fix I have so far come to find is that by utilizing Task Manager, if I stop both Ad-Aware's process and aawservice, which I'm assuming is part of Ad-Aware's system, at least 3 times, it will run.

Needless to say, this is a very inconvenient process, and any help whatsoever would be great.

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