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Default Help ie antivirus

has any body had this problem
i do not use internet explorer as my primary browser somehow ive contracted
a program/redirector (IE-antivirus)
when i open my computer then click on C drive then try to open any file in my route directory i get a popup that reads

its a critical error that says attention CC! some dangerous viruses detected in your system microsoft windows XP files corrupted this may lead to the destruction of important files in C:/WINDOWS. download protection software now!

click ok to download the antispyware. (recomended)

it has two buttons yes and no if i click no it launches IE browser this is the sites it takes me to these websites ....

anyway and takes me to a web page that performs a free virus scan that scans my system and tells me that i have numerous viruses wich i do not have and then wants me to buy a program this is geting anoying

help how do i remove this. i have ran numerous spyware,adware and virus programs that find it but will not remove it please help.

thank you

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