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Default To: computergeek22

Maybe "computergeek22" could return to his last post and amend it. I don't see it either and I did not save it to my SYS-Cache. I don't feel it would have been deleted, as it does not refer to anything that is not already on board...not like a warez fix or something, which I can see being deleted. That does not belong here in this forum.

I have the same problem with Office 2003, sometimes I'm o.k. and other times, I'm not. I don't think the registry maintains its strength over time to hold keys.

And where do these progs go to check for legitimacy anyway. Which reg entries should we save?


In response to Wombat...and with respect, I'm wondering how it could be an illegal crack? It is not like "we" are manipulating something that is not already there, or are we not to know what's there? And we are certainly not applying "outside" influences on what's already there. Maybe we've jumped the gun on this one. I for one, would like to know, where stuff is so I can alter it, save it or delete it. No harm in that, is there?

I find it odd that nowhere in the registry is there mention of "OGA" or "wpa" in the context of activation. Although in the context of Office 11, there are three womping huge codes there.

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