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Originally Posted by malmauney View Post
As a new member and not so accomplished user, I hope that I am in the right place. My question has to do with removing programs, etc from my computer (XP Home OpSys)

Have tried to REMOVE Norton Systemworks 2002 but will NOT completely uninstall - still have some utilities, Cleansweep, Live Update etc and maybe others.
(Went to the SysChat site for Norton Removal Tool, BUT does not indicate the 2002 Version 5 on the list) SO, how do I CLEAN out ALL NORTON?

Also, there is a Windows Live Photo Shop that I want to remove BUT it is NOT listed in ADD/REMOVE section - BUT it is there on Desktop and functions when clicked etc. HOW do I REMOVE it?

Thanks for any help!
Go here to the "official Norton" website to download the 2003 removal tool utility. Never trust third part sites to download software.

The 2003 version may get rid of Norton Systemworks 2002, you will have to give it a try.

I have never used Win Live Photo Shop, have you looked in the programmes folder and looked for the uninstaller there.

Ccleaner most probably will uninstall it. Make sure you Ccleaner Lite and not the one with the Yahoo malware in it...

CCleaner - Home


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