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Originally Posted by sreejmen View Post


I want to clarify myself what I understand from the previous conversations.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L40-18X, Pentium T2370, 2048MB Memory 667Mhz 200Gb HDD 5400 rpm SATA, Microsoft Vista Home Premium 32 Bit. I think this information about my system would be sufficient. The second point is that I have a Recovery DVD of Vista which is supplied only with Toshiba Laptop at a new purchase. Behind the DVD cover it is clearly written if the Recovery DVD is processed it would format the drive and all the data would be lost. And I have lot of data which should be preserved.

Now the next step.
I have C:\100GB & D:\100GB hence I followed step-1 from the tutorial and partioned D:\ to create E:\ of just 6GB for installation of Windows XP by the manage option of Vista. After that I inserted Win Xp CD and restarted following which I recieved an error which I had mentioned in my first query.

I read the problem with my SATA Controller and downloaded a file viz. iata82_enu.exe of Macrovision Corporation. Firstly I wanted to know whether this is the correct file for my configuration? Secondly, how is the usage?

I was afraid, even if I install Win Xp will I get dual boot. For this reason once I had rebooted my system with Recovery DVD in it. After the setup as you have mentioned in the previous reply, I receive a prompt for the current operating system as "Windows Vista" and after that I saw the, Startup Recovery, System Restore, Command Prompt etc. these 3 options clearly. As per your previous reply this DVD will be usable for dual boot.

Now, my worry is only for the SATA controller driver installation and the rest is understood by me. I have not clearly understood the method of using the SATA drivers. I would be grateful to you if you reply me with steps since I am an amateur user in harware maintenence but an expert in Autocad and computer applications. The above whatever I have written to you is my knowledge and experience.

Sir, please bear with me and finally provide the solutions step by step only regarding my problems. For the rest, I shall follow Willam Wilson's Tutorial.

Best Regards & Thanks

You should have backed up any data files, and any pix that you have on the computer before you even have started this dual boot thingy.

I have an ASUSTeK M2N Sli Deluxe that does not require SATA drivers when installing Windows, unless it's going into a raid config then it does...


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