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[QUOTE=smachari;11648]Sir, I am glad if it works with the Recovery CD/DVD. But please make me understand your reply as "prepare the Recovery CD/DVD". What do I have to do with it. I am confused. Should I make a copy of it or what? Please clarify.

if you got your laptop with visa installed at a point where you proceed installation with your language setting or preferences, then after complete installation of vista, a user should make a recovery set of dvd's, usually 3 dvds including vista and other accompanying software. but you've mentioned that you've only one cd/dvd (please mention which one cd or dvd) and it is not clear that whether you've the correct recovery cd/dvd. anyway, you can try. you just leave that cd/dvd in the drive and restart pc. make sure that you put the correct order to boot in the bios or put cd/dvd drive in the top of the list. Now, if it is try to boot vista from cd/dvd, you will get screens to adjust the keyboard and when you press next button, vista will show available operating systems. it will show vista and there you click next you will get a window with many options. you can see there, startup recovery, system restore, command prompt etc. if you are getting these, then you can utilise this cd/dvd to make your system dual boot. just click shutdown from the window because you didnt install your xp. now remove the cd/dvd from the drive and start with installing xp with your sata drives installed as mentioned by lurkswithin. in my case, i didnt install any drivers seperately while installing xp. you check with your partitions that you made with vista. provide here details of the partition and how you made it.

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