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Originally Posted by jacob333 View Post
Hello to everyone in SysChat! I want to ask for some help in a topic you probably have discussed excessively: CiD malware... The first thing to do was to remove messenger plus, the source of the problem. After a lot of search i found that A) i have to remove the CiD Help , but it doesn't appear on the list B)i have to setup hijackthis or spyware doctor and remove this way the malware - no success... C) remove some ip's from the hosts file , but none of these indicated as 'related to CiD' existed on my hosts file... Is there some way to get rid of it at last???

Thank you!
Turn off system restore, then run the anti malware tools in Safe Mode. When you are satisfied that all trace of the malware are removed, turn System Restore back on...


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