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Default Similar problem (Vista)

I can not help but I have a similar issue and thought I may be able to tag along and get some help as well.

The computer will simply RESTART for no reason or lock up and you must turn it off. When you turn it off it of course ask the question of safe mode.

I have looked in a few places and under SETUP – MEMORY INFORMATION – I get:

“Note: Due to an amount of memory being assigned for system use, memory available is less than memory installed.”

Following a blue screen and some diagnostic checks I saw:
“No physical memory is available at the location required for the windows Boot Manage. The system can not continue.”
I should note that this is a brand new machine.

Diagnostic Testing
Error Code 0123
MSG: Error Code 2000-0123
MSG: Memory – integrity test failed

Somewhere I found:
Memory installed – 3072MB
Memory available – 2MB (how can this be?)
Memory speed – 667Mhz

Can anyone shed any light?
I am now living in China and getting help is TOUGH! If I mail the machine back and forth it may cost me more than the machine itself.

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