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Originally Posted by DangerousTom View Post
OP'd by lurkswithin:

Doesn't that depend on whether it was pre-installed or puchased separately? If I buy an XP licence at the strore, I own it for one computer, no matter if I change said computer twice a week, AFAIK.
In the first place you do not own or ever will own the rights to the software. You are given specific rights to SINGLE USE ONLY That in itself is very evident in the EULA as well. Simply put...if you don't like the End User's License Agreement then return it to where you got it and either they or microsoft will refund your money...(only for the cost of the software).

You cannot get a single license for windows operating system as there are very specific rules concerning this. The license or COA must come with the software for installation. You can get a Retail version that allows the use on 3 different computers(and costs 3 times as much)....or an Upgrade version that needs qualifying software to be used for a single computer.

OEM versions are restricted to manufacturers and builders and are permanately attached to the motherboard of the computer that it was initially installed on...regardless of what hardware was used to accompany the purchase...

Academic is the same as the upgrade version except at discounted pricing for proven students and teacher and educational institutions.

Volume or Corporate versions are specific to the original agreement between the end user and Microsoft.

All of which include a EULA that dictates the legal agreement of use..

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