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Sounds like the error is a disc read error. If you have another CD/DVD drive, you can try that. It may be less sensitive to read errors.

Or if you have a friend with an Office 2000 disc, borrow it and use your key.
Should work if other copy is the same version (e.g. OEM and OEM / Retail and Retail)

I have installed Office 2000 on an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium without any trouble. Other than I had to manually download and install updates as it's not supported by Office update any longer.

You other option would be OpenOffice.
download: Downloads

The second issue:
Next time start another thread, as it can get very confusing later down the thread on which topic someone is referring to.

It's called hibernation, and I recommend you disable it. It's been known for several versions of Windows not to play nice. Do a search here for hibernation or Google, how to change hibernation to standby.

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