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Originally Posted by dinosr View Post
Hey! sorry if this inst in the right place this is only my 2nd post!
so i got a new laptop cheap! acer aspire 5715Z in the gem stone case
only one prob! VISTA! now i know that vista aint that bad but im just not ready for it i wanna waite maybe 1 or 2 SP b4 i try it... just so they can get all the buggs out! so in the mean time! the web is baron! its almost like nobody has heard of this model! So far ive got the chipset and the vga controler! all that is missing is the Audio/Lan/WLan and then i'll be done!

any help would be apreciated! even just where i can find a spec sheet with the components list! thanks! you guys did it in less then a day for my first post!

***cant waite to be able to help some one out in return!
Go here to Acers website, click on Notebook in the next box click on 5715Z, in the next box scroll down and get the lan driver and the modem driver.

It's marvelous what you can find on Acer's website...


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