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Methinks you misunderstood the smilie! I had no backup, so when I bring the machine back, it will be with a blank D: drive; no user profiles, no nuthin' except Windows XP on the C: drive that is scratching it's head wondering where the user profiles on D: went.

See what I'd done was the equivalent of a clean install as in KB314843 where you would, if doing it unattended, install it this way:

Winnt.exe /unattend

and in the Unattend.txt file, I'd have had this:

ProfilesDir = d:\users

But I had to do it the hard way since XP was already installed.

So I'm wondering when I boot the machine with a new D: drive, what I'll have to do to get back to where I was - assuming I'll be able to format & patrition the drive with XP in it's "default" state.

I know I'll have to set up the accounts again once I get the profiles directory back where it belongs...

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