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Unhappy mp3 player driver install

i have a problem with an mp3 player install. everytime i hook up my sansa fuze to my computer i get a message MTP DEVICE FAILURE. after many calls to sansa they said it was a problem on microsofts end. microsoft said since i bought an OEM version of Vista it was going to vcost $59.95 to have them fix it. i have to believe it is a microsoft problem because i also bought a sansa clip and had the same problem. the main reason i have an mp3 player is i like to listen to books on tape and of course i need those drivers for that. i wonder if an ipod uses those drivers. but i am getting off track. i tried to download the drivers from microsoft and it seems that it works since i get no error messages, but i still have the same problem. anyone have any ideas, or have had this problem? thank you

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