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The program was defragment files under system tools.

He had me install Spy Bot which found 198 bad files (I think it was files) and some critical issues (did not write this down). However the video files were not deleted using this program. I ran full scan.

He also told me about searching for files on my computer. I take great detailed notes about everything (usually) so that I don't have to ask the same questions over and over again. Then I create cards with headings on a 3x5 index card and file them.

When I typed my other response I did not have my notes that is why I could not detail the program I used (or remember the anti virus program name)

I really don't know that much about my computer. My grandchildren know way more than I do about computers, the youngest is 8 and his class has 10 computers! He does something called power point presentations, he is going to show me (never too old to learn). But no one had any answer for these files so I went to the internet for help. I appreciate your suggestion and will look for the recovery program and or disk.

This is the first computer that is mine. I have always used the library or relatives computer. I suppose I should have let someone else set it up for me, but I wanted to do it.

Thank you again, Mari


Thank you also for responding. I still have everything that came with the computer in the garage. I will wait for my son to get it down from storage and will look for the disk(s).

I do not understand the "serve them from your computer" but I will ask around. And I did not want to get censored but some of the names on these files are very questionable.

Thank you!! Mari

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