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1 sec video files...and your computer is full of them because an unknown program some friend told you about says that they are. You search for them and find them but when you try to deletre them they can't be found.

I think that I would look for a anti-virus program and run it in safe mode to get rid of anything it finds installed. I would also suspect that un-named program that finds 10,000 1 sec. vid files.

Your computer is not very old and as such...I would just reformat and reinstall. A sure fire way to make sure those files are gone! Use the recovery program built in to your computer program files...usually under the computer manufacturer's name.

I have to question the act that you don't know about internet prevention but you know enough about computers to be able to search and hunt for files through "My Computer" and can trace search pathes....Just seems very strange to me!

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