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Originally Posted by TGTGTGTG View Post
I disagree. They know the terms. If they don't like them, they can stop posting there adds on my desktop. That's the way any business works. It's no joke either. I'm keeping all the evidence. Every invoice. Every email. Every add they post. How much I charge for them using my desktop is my choice. Them continuing to use my desktop is tacit approval of my rates. Or they're trespassing. Either way, I've got them.
Right..... you against an army of legal someone representing himself in court has a fool for a client.

I bet that they can prove faster that you agreed to downloading them through some obscured EULA on some obscured website faster than you can read this post. as such your billing practices will be laughed out the door.

The term "de facto standard " should come about as the judge tosses your case out the door.