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Originally Posted by TGTGTGTG View Post
What I do, is send them an invoice - I bill them for posting advertisements on my desktop. Then, when it happens again, bill them again. Also, bill them for removing the add. The idea is that someday, some of us get together, with a lawyer, and sue them for using our desktops without paying us - when they know full well (because of the invoices) that's it's no free.

Consider your deskto a miniature billboard - and billboards charge money.

So can we.

So, I typically bill $300 per add. I make a copy of the add. And I state that I expect payment in 30 days. And I state that I charge $100 per day late fees. Just for fun, I charge $5 for removal of the add.
Originally Posted by TGTGTGTG View Post
I disagree. They know the terms. If they don't like them, they can stop posting there adds on my desktop. That's the way any business works. It's no joke either. I'm keeping all the evidence. Every invoice. Every email. Every add they post. How much I charge for them using my desktop is my choice. Them continuing to use my desktop is tacit approval of my rates. Or they're trespassing. Either way, I've got them.

What a load of bullshit...