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Originally Posted by eve array View Post
There are easy ways to select several sheets to create a collective sheet selection of Excel Workbook that will save time and constrict the instances for mistakes through carrying the task once but will employ to a group of collective sheets. Here are the tips on how to execute the column widths or utilize special formatting to a range of cells in a group of sheets.

To select adjacent sheets, follow the steps below:
1. Select by clicking a sheet tab.
2. Press Shift and keep it pressed while clicking a second sheet tab.
The Excel will generate both clicked sheets and all the sheets in between.

To select non-adjacent sheets follow the steps below:
 Click CTRL and keep it depressed while clicking sheet tabs.
The Excel will generate all of the clicked sheets.

To select all sheets, follow the steps below:
 Right-click a sheet tab and choose “Select All Sheets”.

To select the active sheet and the previous sheet:
 Click Shift + Ctrl + Page Up.

To select the active sheet and the following sheet:
 Click Shift + Ctrl + Page Down.
Don’t forget that you're working with a multi-sheet selection so be reminded that when you do something to the current sheet, Excel repeats for every sheet in the selection.

If you make changes to a selection of sheets when you meant to change only the active sheet, you may have a lot of damage to repair.
You can avoid confusion by canceling a multi-sheet selection task as soon as you finish your multi-sheet tasks.
To do so:
 Click an unselected sheet or right-click a selected sheet tab and choose Ungroup Sheets.
When I select a couple sheets I receive this message when I try typing in the cell. Do you know a work around so I can type in my cell?

"you cannot make changes to a table or XML mapping when multiple sheets are selected"

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