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Vista only recognises C:\Windows, whether it is first volume of first hard disk, or first volume of third hard disk.

Originally Posted by Axem View Post
Hi, I have 2 SATA harddrives on my pc. I had XP Pro installed on one, and today I decided I wanted to try dual booting and install Vista Ultimate 32bit on the other.

So the setup would've been that XP Pro is currently on C: and D: is blank. So i install Vista on D:, and when I restarted, it made D drive into C, and I can no longer access my XP Pro. If I try to boot up on the drive that XP Pro is on I just get a system error during bootup. Does anyone know what I should do? I thought about using the XP Pro disk to do a repair installation but wouldn't that end up just switching around the drive letters again and ****ing up my vista? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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