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OK, I’ll tell you all the story, hopping that my English is good enough.
I am trying to build, entirely on my costs, a sort of “information screen” (looking like a simple kiosk) in a elementary school in a small village. This consist of a PC and a LCD large display behind a glass window. On the PC is running Internet Explorer loading a Web Site with the links to the info pages of interest, a number of games and a link to the Google. (There is a wireless connection to my router and from here to Internet). The input device have to be “reliable”, so I decided to use only a mouse (and a virtual keyboard on the screen for Internet surfing). For easy power management the PC is a laptop engine. Fortunately I got from a friend of mine an old Portege 3410CT with XP Home Edition ! But the Joystick-like mouse is not suitable. I have a Synaptics touchpad working on PS2 and a MSI USB wireless adaptor (stick). To avoid buying an USB hub (Portege has only one USB port) and a PS2 to USB adapter I need to know the PS2 (mouse) location in docking station connector.
Anyway, thanks for trying to help me. All the best.

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