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Default Adobe in windows

Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
The Flash Player Active X is required by IE 6x, and the other two parts are for the different Flash formats.

Go here and get the Flash uninstall tool which is now required to uninstall Flash Player from either IE 6x or Firefox 2.0:

How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

It will also tell you how to use it...
Thank your Wombat, Sir, I am in IE 7 ... and acting on advice of Lurkswithin I decided to try and delete all 3 Adobe items.
Went in Add/Remove and uninstalled them one by one.
Did not report back here as I wanted to observe the behaviour of pc before raising hopes.
I am not completely sure, but for my mind, the pages load on faster than before.
While reading a BBC newsletter, when it came to a video play, it said that I cannot play that because I haven't the necessary Adobe Player ... and it offered a link to download the player ... I skipped this.
A 'system enginer' told me that w/o Adobe I cannot read PDF files. He didn't have the patience to explain what PDF files are ... Ignorance is bliss.
I asked a person to send me one or two photos through 'Received Files' and 'zipped files' ... that's how I express them two way of sending pictures ... and photos, I suppose, are called 'files'.
Received both types ... and viewed them on Picture Manager and saved them in My Pictures.
Please see what Adobe tells of its UNINSTALLER :
" Due to recent enhancements to the Adobe Flash Player installers, you can now remove the player only by using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller. To remove Flash Player, simply download and run the appropriate uninstaller for your system using the steps below. "

Nevertheless, Add/Remove removed them three, and my pc SEEMS to be faster. Hope Lurkswithin see this post. I am very grateful to you both.

If you have the time please tell me what Adobe does and what would a user w/o Adobe would suffer. If not direct me to a site that would explain the functions of Adobe, preferrably, in layman's language.

Thank you.

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