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Default Unistalled Office 2007 - Find Product Key

Please help!!

I did something stupid. My computer completely went crazy and I needed to restore (except there were no resore points) so I had to go back all the way to the beginning. Anyway, I had an Office 2007 on the computer, which is now of course not functional. I still have the files as the recovery didn't really remove them, but the program itself won't work. It is also gone from the registry as far as I can tell. I can see only folders named Common and Outlook under Office\12. I have the CD, but I don't have the CD key. I do have the product ID which I naively thought is the product key. I can't find the key in any of the .txt files in the Office folder and I don't know where esle to look. I also downloaded Product Key finder, but of course that can't find the key, because the the Office isn't really installed. Please help!! There must be a way.


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