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Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post
You must leave the latest version of the java software. I also love playing online chess and have several master names in which will not work without java installed.
Have a good evening!
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First Chess ... I tried many chess sites ... where we play with 'timer' it took a while to get used to but my old hands are not steady ... many a time I left my piece on a square NOT intended ... while carrying it I drop it in the wrong place. Now I have filtered down to IT'S YOUR ... One move a day for 15 games ... a tension free set up ... gives me a chance to follow the 'greats' in their plays. I am not in Pogo.
I removed the 1st 2 updates of Java and saved a lot of space and played at It's Your b4 coming here.
Thank you Lurkins, that made me feel yet more foolisher than b4.
May God bless you.

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