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Default Adobe Reader 8

Adobe Reader 8 has a HELP button. It has a HOW TO thing that doesn't open for several , say 5 minutes. I don't know if it would open thereafter.

The main 'Help' menu serves a whole lot of things that are too much for me to learn.

Could you please tell me the rudiments of the program. I mean the bare essentials. Like what it can do ? Would it help me read other publications ? Will I be unable to read certain things on the Internet if I do NOT have Adobe Reader ?

Adobe needs a space of nearly 100 MB. Would FOXIT Reader help the system just as Adobe Reader does ? The Foxit needs little space. Then one can get rid of Adobe and retain Foxit while saving space.

If the READER does only READING and does NOT do anything else like sending and receiving website pages or things of that nature we can replace Adobe with Foxit.

Is this idea feasible or foolish ? I think LURKSWITHIN would take it from here. Thank you.

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