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Originally Posted by jtcartboy View Post
NOD32 by Eset is far and above the best of the best. Yes I agree AVG is good as well as Avast. PC-Cillin used to be good but now it is garbage. I have been playing with the New McAfee 2007 which is pretty decent and also Panda 2007 is pretty good as well. NAV 07 is once again a flaming pile of trash much like their software since 2004. BitDefender and Sophos are really good too. I have one PC that I infect with viruses and I use different AV products and see which one can remove certain new viruses such as Ruin and whatnot.

MIT does a virus research project every year or maybe a couple times a year now that I think about it and for the past 7 years they have ranked NOD32 at the top of the list with Sophos right behind it.
Au contraire...TREND'S PC-CILLIN INTERNET SECURITY SYSTEM is by far the best, coupled with the best service. I have been using PC-cillin since 1995, save for a very short stint with Norton [yuck!] and never once did I regret it. Their free "sysclean" download and install works independently of your system in Windows, SafeMode, or DOS...and may be run, when all you can do is get to a DOS screen, then to the install folder, etc..

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