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Default Ridding yourself of Zedo

I know this may sound like making a deal with the Devil but the easiest way to rid yourself of Zedo - in addition to turning off Javascript or regulating it, is to go to Zedo's website and choose their 'Opt Out" function. You have to do this regularly and it doesn't cover some pop under ads...but it puts a cookie on your computer to stop some Zedo crap

The link is : ZEDO Ad Serving : Optout

If you're using Firefox as your browser you can find an excellent -albeit slightly tedious - plug in to give you complete control over java scripts on every site you visit. I think it's called Scriptblocker, but if you search for add ons you'll find it.

Hopefully that's of some help.

Originally Posted by bubbarox View Post
I've had ActiveX, DirectX and Trojan problems recently.
I reinstalled XP, ActiveX, DirectX, Patches, Zone Alarm, and AVG Antivirus.

I got all but the ActiveX resolved. Now I picked up Zedo.

Evertime I close Explorer, It opens a Zedo Page.

I'm running XP.

I've scanned with:

Spybot, Adaware, Webroot, Bitdefender, Bazooka, CCleaner, ASquared, Ewido,
and Trojan Remover.

Nothing Detects anything Zedo. Or anything at all for that matter.

Can Zedo be removed? How?