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Originally Posted by Robertwmh View Post
I, by mistake installed windows vista on my D drive so then I installed it on C drive where it should have been. Now I would like to format the D drive to remove every from if to get back all the space. there is nothing on it accept the operating system and it is in a file old operating system, but it will not allow me to do it. Is there a way to clean off the disc so I may use it for storage. The system on the C drive works fine and I have no problems with , just how to remove it from the D drive I would greatly appreciate any ideas you might have and I thank you sincerely for your time Robert Wmh
Go here and get GParted, this will remove the D partiton, enabling you to to re-partiton and format the drive.

Read the on site instruction on it's use before using this very powerful tool...

GParted -- LiveCD


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