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Default Virus Heat Make it stop!!!!

I've got this program that appeared on my computer called Virus Heat. It originates from Latvia. It has put an icon which looks like the microsoft shield in my quick launch box which flashes between blue with a question mark on it, and red with an X on it. Every few seconds it pops open a balloon which says that multiple spyware has been found on my computer and that I need to "click here" to find out how to get rid of it. When I clicked it, a window opens online for a program called Virus Heat, which tells you how to download it.
I can't get this program off of my computer!!! It's not listed in my C: drive folders, it doesn't come up in Add/Remove Programs, it doesn't come up if I search for it.
Bear with me.... This is how it came to be on my computer. I was searching for a sewing pattern for a stuffed earthworm for a lesson plan for school. On this really cutesy webpage there were patterns for stuffed chickens and an earthworm. I thought "YAY" clicked on it and instantaneously a window of ****ographic pictures opened. When I clicked the red x to close it, all these windows started to pop up (they looked like Microsoft windows) saying I that trojans and worms have been detected on my computer.
I quickly opened my McAfee program and ran a scan. It found 3 trojans. Then I ran my spyware program it found one virus. So everything is clean but this icon is still blinking in my quick launch box and telling me that multiple spyware programs on my computer. My feeling is that this program brought in all the trojans and worms. Now I can't figure out how to get this thing off of my computer. I've run all my virus/spyware again and it's not showing up there. HELP!!!!

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