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Default Removal of Virus Heat Web Site from Laptop

Virus Heat a program of 'Zlob dot something' gate crashed into my pc when I watched a ****ography page that suddenly appeared onmy screen. I do not remember the exact sequence of my clicks, but that's about sums it up.

Many individuals in many forums advised me. But none of them worked. Once I falsely believed I was rid of 'virus heat' when it disappeared when I was in 'consumer protection' page. But 'lurkswithin' sadly wised me up.
And sure enough the persistent 'virus heat' was back again.

Two days back i received an email of AVG free edition 7.5,
the latest release. Hopefully downloaded it. It scaned for over 3 hours, just like 'Spybot', and showed in red coloured letters two files. Spybot too showed the files but could not remove it. SpyHunter, another damn fraud, showed the dangerous files but demanded I purchase their 'pro' version to delete the bad files. No different from 'virus heat'.
Well, to cut the story short, I allowed AVG to scan and auto shut down and went to sleep. Another day of utter frustration.
This morning when I opened the pc the 'virus heat' icn wasn't seen to be blinking. Gone ! ?
Scanned again. The report after 2.45 hours and 44,786 files later: No Threats Found.
If 'virus heat' does not appear today and tomorrow, I shall go back to a '****o' page and see what happens.
AVG 7.5 version was released just 7 days back.
Thank you,
ben aloysius

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