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The heart of Consumer Sentinel is a one-stop, secure investigative cybertool and complaint database, on a separate restricted-access secure web site, that provides hundreds of law enforcement agencies immediate access to Internet cons, telemarketing scams and other consumer fraud-related complaints. It gives consumers a way to voice their complaints about fraud to law enforcement officials worldwide.
This site (Consumer Sentinel) is a great site but is not for the issues that you have in using it to file non-purpose would/could cause the site to become meaningless as they would have all resources lost to dealing with these non-issues.

It is good that the virus heat program disappeared but there is a better solution as to why it did so than your just visiting that particular anti FRAUD site.

The more plausible thing is that it is just coincidental that it vanished during your visit. More than likely the virus heat issue was resolved through your visiting the site it was forcing you to get to. Once there it simply removed itself as its job was done. This is a new ploy for advertisements and a new variant for the viral program.

I have seen this before but from a different aspect....not virus heat....but in advertising a product they allow the consumer to have or do something else for free if they do something for them .....the advertisers install this program to monitor the consumers actions until the agreement is which they hound the consumer with ads and pop-ups till they do what was agreed upon then it is promptly removed.

I have heard that some **** sites have started using this as a gimmick to free access to the **** site!

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