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Default Removal of Virus Heat Web Site from Laptop

I was trying to get rid of Virus Heat that came in w/o invitation or request and demanded that I buy their product.
Could not get pragmatic solution from any forum. Except a suggestion that I allowed Virus Heat to intrude my system by watching a **** site.
I confess that I watched a **** site that came in suddenly.
I didn't have the savvy to delete or get out of the site w/o further delay. Mea maxima culpa !
But that didn't solve my problem.
I firmly believed that there has to be some site that would protect people like me w/o sufficient knowledge.
Atlast in my flounderings I came across this site:

"Learn how U.S., Canadian, and Australian law enforcers work together with private sector companies and consumer organizations to combat fraud."
Consumer Sentinel

While reading this 'Consumer Sentinel' site I noticed the blinking icon of Virus Heat is no more in the 'task bar' tray. It always comes on next to the clock. Yes, it is no more there.

Honestly, I don't know how it happened. After many days of annoying intimidation it simply vanished. I do not know if it is a coincidence . . . but I noticed the absence of the icon of Virus Heat while I was reading the web page of
'Consumer Sentinel'.

I hope this is picked up by someone in need. We do have the means to report these bullying scum of earth.

Thank you.

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