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Default TED Note Pad and Windows Note Pad

I downloaded TED NotePad. It has many functions that my little Note Pad (windows') does not have. But I found all those functions are of no use to me. Hence I uninstalled it from the Add/Remove program. But the Icon in the Task Bar did not go away just as the entry in the Add/Remove program did. And on a click on the icon the TED NotePad opens and functions just as if it has NOT been uninstalled.
When the Task Manager is opened there is no entry for this TED Notepad. When its icon on 'task bar' is clicked and the TED Note Pad is opened an entry 'TedNPad.exe' comes on indicating 'cpu' as 00 (nil) and Mem usage 2,196K.
If this entry is selected and 'end process' is clicked the TEDNotePad will cease to function.
Thereafter, how do I delete TED NotePad from my laptop?

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