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trouble avg anti virus

i am not sure we are talking about the same software. there are 2 versions of the software, 1 is free and the other is the commercial version. i just had a problem with a virus and avg caught it and I removed it. i downloaded the software from "downloads .com" and the avg site and both worked the same way AVG keeps the virus in a "Virus Vault" if you go there you will see all the viruses it caught. if you want to delete them double click on the avg icon and that opens up the test center window, then click on "virus vault".highlight the virus in the window by right clicking on it,if you have more then 1 hold down the "shift" key press the down arrow buton to highlight them all, go to "action " button on the avg task bar ,select delete files and they get deleted. you have to look at all the files to make sure you are not deleting a file you need .there are other choices like "heal file", "restore file". just make sure you don't delete a file you need, but if it is a virus it will state it , example "trogan file etc" highlight it and delete it. if you don't feel comfortable deleting the file just set up a "restore point" in windows and if it was a file that is needed you can always restore the computer to the point that you picked before you deleted it. i have never seen any files in that vault but virus faults and never had to restore my computer. i hope you understand all of this. i am a 2 finger typer and my 2 typing fingers are cramping up.LOL if i have put down some wrong info someone who is sharper then me will let us know..gotta go now--bye

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