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Originally Posted by squirrelnmoose View Post
These kind of problems can be generated by several systems. First thing I would check is the power supply, especially if it's a 20 pin instead of 24 (or possible fluctuations if you have power fluctuations in your neighborhood).

Does this have a DVI to analog converter? I haven't seen one cause any problems like this, but it's easy enough to change.
Also you can run some diagnostics on your memory an cpu easy enough from a boot CD like this.
You could double check your BIOS settings, make sure they are not set to overclocking, and check the video settings. When you're in the BIOS see that the CPU or system is not overheating.
I'm positive CPU and GPU are not overclocked, and overheating seems unlikely. As for the DVI/Analog thing, I'm not using one, but I will instead try it with the adapter that came on the mainboard, just in case. Also, that link to the link to the diag boot CD will sure prove handy, thanks!

Originally Posted by lurkswithin
Did you happen to try an older driver instead of the latest and see if that sorts it out?

I would also check to make sure the contacts on the card are clean and free from anything. I had a somewhat similar problem and found a small hair trapped inbetween the connectors and the socket contacts.
When I finish setting up Fedora I'll revert to XP and fiddle a bit with drivers - it might be that for some reason they're causing some data not being cleared on GPU memory when the PC resets. I would like to run out of possibilities before opening the computer - it's under warranty, and it would be a hassle to have my dealer's service folks to check it out.

This is still a mystery to me - not that I have not had my share of burnt out GPUs... for now, thanks to you both for the suggestions!

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