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Sajid 04-03-2007 02:54 PM

10 Tips on Keeping Your Windows System Healthy
To make Windows XP work well for us we need to maintain it to keep it running smoothly. Here are some tips you can do to keep your Windows XP system healthy.

1. Be Cautious, Vigilant and Observant when using your Computer

Learn to practice these things:
  • Scan E-mail attachments from Microsoft Outlook. It will be wise not to open email attachments that has a foreign extension to you such as .vbs, .exe, .bat Extensions are usually the three letter ending name of a file ex. Iloveyou.VBS. Common picture files normally have extensions such as of .JPG, .GIF, .BMP.
  • Run a virus scan every time you download a file.
  • Regularly delete cookies and temporary internet files. Then scan your computer for viruses.
  • Take time to know what programs or processes are running behind your windows press control+alt+delete key on your keyboard to check on this via the Task Manager You can verify processes running if it is a valid process at: Windows Process Library or at
2. Get Regular Updates
  • Update your Windows XP, this will keep your Windows secure from the latest security threats. Make sure that you have the latest security updates from Microsoft especially with your internet Explorer. You can find updates at their website at Microsoft Windows Update
  • Update your Anti-virus program, Update your MS Office update all of your security programs.
  • Update and upgrade Windows XP to Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft has 10 reasons to upgrade to Service Pack 2
  1. Protect your PC from harmful attachments
  2. Improve your privacy when you’re on the Web.
  3. Avoid potentially unsafe downloads.
  4. Reduce annoying pop-ups.
  5. Get firewall protection from startup to shutdown.
  6. Take control of your security settings.
  7. Get the latest updates easily.
  8. Protect your e-mail address.
  9. Take action against crashes caused by browser add-ons
  10. Go wireless without the hassle.
3. System Configuration Utility

- To run the program click on your Start menu then click on RUN then on the box Open type in msconfig then click on OK.
Go to the Startup tab to check on the programs that run when windows starts

Uncheck all files that you feel are not needed to start up with windows.

4. Add/Remove Programs

Unused programs can take up space in your hard drive that can cause your system to slow down. It is best to get rid of them. To do this we need to go to Add/Remove programs section of Windows XP, to check out what programs are installed on your computer. Launch Add/Remove programs by clicking Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs

5. Hard Disk Maintenance

One of techniques to keeping your system running fast is to maintaining your hard disk drive since this is where all the files that you access reside here. Windows has tools in helping you maintain your hard drive. These are:
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Disk Error-checking
  • Disk Defragmenter

6. Boost that RAM

If you’re the type of user that uses a lot of program at the same time and likes to multi task or maybe a hardcore gamer it is always recommended to pack up and buy extra RAM memory for your PC. This helps system clogging and speeds up your PC.


7. Alternative Browsers

Internet Explorer is a good browser, but it is constantly attacked by viruses and software because hackers mainly focus their attention attacking this program for some reason, that’s why it is recommended to use an alternative browser.

Popular replacements for IE are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera

8. Registry and Internet Trash Cleaners

Temporary Internet Files can be cleaned manually, but it is always best to use programs that can help do this for you. The system registry needs to be maintained to clean your system of any un-needed and unused registry entries.

CCleaner can do both automatically. You can also try out RegCleaner and RegScrubXP to keep your system registry free from un-needed registry entries.

9. Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs

These tools are essential to everyone’s PC to keep them safe from malicious programs. Norton antivirus and McAfee antivirus are the most commonly used antivirus software. Though it comes with a price, its use is worth your money. You can also download free antivirus software such as AVG Free Antivirus. Scan for viruses regularly and update it if you must twice a week. There are also online virus detectors that you can utilize over the internet such as Trend Micro’s housecalls

Installing an anti-spyware program, compliments the use of your anti-virus software. Most antivirus software does not detect some spyware's as a virus threat. Therefore they will dwell on your PC if no anti-spyware program is installed. To name some of the few anti-spyware programs AVG has a free anti-spyware program also. Spybot - Search and Destroy and Spyware terminator are free as well.

10. Firewalls

A firewall detects programs that utilize the internet. It can block any unauthorized downloading, say a virus or a spyware is trying to send or receive information through internet. A well known firewall program called ZoneAlarm is one of my personal choices.

Unregistered 04-07-2007 10:26 AM

I have tried to uncheck the entries their but windows automatically goes to safe mode and keeps reminding to go back to earlier state.So I am quite certain that this piece of advice is wrong.You can't touch any entries in msconfig directly.

You could have mentioned few utilities to help maintain the harddisk.

peterk 04-22-2007 07:33 PM

There is no problem using msconfig, that's what it is for. You must be doing something wrong. As for your 2nd point that is what Google is for.

William_Wilson 04-23-2007 11:21 AM

make sure you are not unchecking items under the services list. Removing too many of those will send windows bonkers. The startup list is simply items which are invisible to your startup list under all programs, I edit this list weekly.

support1000 10-28-2008 08:23 AM

Computer Tech Support
Nice and useful tips to make PC healthy.

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